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English is the most spoken language in the world with a whopping population of over 1.5 billion people. Out of this huge population, only 360 million people are native English speakers, and the rest of the population speaks English as a second language (ESL). Thus, the chances of grammatical mistakes in the writings of the ESL people are huge and they need a proper online website to check the articles and prepositions and other mistakes.

Chances of Correct Use of Prepositions in English Grammar

According to research conducted on the people who use English as a second language, the share of preposition errors is more than 10% of the total grammatical errors. To find preposition in a sentence and correct it takes a longer time and rigorous labor. So, the chances of 100% correct use of prepositions for ESL people are very low. The prepositions of time, direction, and place are the most problematic domains for the students as well as for the professionals working in the writing field. The share of errors of those types of prepositions accounts for 39.5%, 34.6%, and 29.9% respectively, according to the research conducted by the university of Minuto De Dios, Bogotá Colombia.  The importance of prepositions is so huge in the English language due to their nature of establishing the correct relationship between nouns, pronouns, and other parts of speech. As prepositions are very vital markers of the relationship among different grammatical components of the language; so, writers cannot afford missing preposition finder in a sentence at all.

Examples of Proper Usage of Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases

There are five types of prepositions in the English language namely simple, double, compound, participle, and phrase prepositions. The examples of the prepositions and prepositional phrases are listed below:

prepositions to check with preposition finder in a sentence

  • Simple prepositions – to, on, at, for, of, in, into
  • Double prepositions – out of, in between, inside of
  • Compound prepositions – At the time of the incident, at that point in time, in addition to, according to
  • Participle preposition – notwithstanding, considering, assuming
  • Prepositional phrases The man waking in zigzag is an athlete, I want to buy the book with a red cover.

Top 7 Techniques on How to Use Prepositions Correctly

To find the prepositional phrase that is correct in a particular sentence is governed by the grammatical rules and the folk wisdom learned in the day to day use of the language. To use prepositional phrase in a sentence correctly, you need to follow those 7 basic rules or use prepositional phrase identifier online as mentioned below.

  1. Preposition should have an object to make your sentence clear
  2. Preposition means positioning before (pre-position) so always place before noun/pronoun
  3. Should use a pronoun in an objective form that follows the preposition
  4. Don’t use ‘like’ when a verb after the object is involved
  5. Never confuse preposition ‘to’ with ‘to’ used as an infinitive
  6. Don’t use a verb as an objective to relate with a preposition
  7. Don’t confuse ‘in’ preposition with ‘into’ motion expression

If you look at the basic 7 rules of using preposition correctly, you will need more help from experts to understand and use them correctly. The best way out for this problem is to use an online preposition finder to make your writings more professional and error-free.

How Does an Online Prepositional Phrase Checker Make Writing More Effective?

Using an online prepositional phrase checker is one of the best ways to make your writings more effective. It is powered by the latest technologies and learning concepts, which make your writings in line with modern standards and requirements. Let’s explore the following list of reasons how using an online preposition checker makes your writings more professional. Online tools are created under the guidance of expert linguists. Also, grammatician and linguists keep improving the accuracy of the tool continuously. Other reasons to start using tool such as ours are listed below:

  • Reduced chances of errors due to the involvement of machines
  • Modern tools are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the machine capabilities
  • Offers numerous options to learn from mistakes
  • Provides help in spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors
  • Clears your writing from criminal plagiarism to make it unique
  • An online preposition finder tool offers suggestions to customize your writing

Advantages and Process to Use Instant Preposition Checker

The process of using an instant preposition checker is so simple and easy. It consists of four major steps as mentioned below:

how to use prepositions correctly online tool

  • Submitting text for checking. In the first step, you need to upload your text in the preposition checking field either through file-explorer or through copy/paste technique.
  • Running error checking tool. In the second step, you click on the button to initiate the error checking process in an online tool. You can also hit the return button to start this step.
  • Error correction. In this step, the automated tool returns the text by underlining the errors in different colors with respective suggestions for correction. You need to click on every error and choose the right option for correction that appears in a suggestion popup message.
  • Downloading text. In the last step, either you can copy/paste the corrected text on your computer or download the file.

Advantages of our online preposition checker are added below:

  • It is very instant to use and get the results very fast
  • Offers the highly tweaked writing solution powered by experts
  • The integration of artificial intelligence takes your experience to another level
  • You get basic services for no charges and advanced features for a reasonable fee
  • Online service is available for round the clock
  • Additional benefits such as plagiarism, spelling, and punctuation check are also offered

Useful Tips on Using Free Grammar and Preposition Checker Effectively

The most useful tips on using online grammar checker tools are listed below.

  • Choose one of the best preposition identifier tools in the marketplace
  • Never accept the suggestion that you feel is not correct. It is a great idea to recheck and learn more.
  • Always consider the level criticality of the writing to check with either free or paid versions
  • Double-check the content with the same or with another online tool
  • Using a paid version of preposition finder is recommended for higher-grade and professional writings
  • Always add domain-specific words into your local dictionary to avoid any repetitive confusion

If you are looking for professional-level improvement in your pieces of writings, try our preposition checker to enhance your piece of writings significantly right now!