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Instant Preposition Checker Overview

Prepositions are words used to express spatial or temporal relations to another word. They usually precede a noun or pronoun. In writing, they are important because they serve as essential markers to the structure of a sentence. They mark special relationships between objects, locations or persons. At times, it can get tricky to identify the preposition in a sentence. To help you, our preposition finder tool assists in finding the preposition in a sentence or phrase. This ensures you write high-quality, accurate sentences.

The Features of the Preposition Finder Tool

With this tool, you can quickly and easily improve your writing to ensure effective communication and excellent accuracy. Here are just some of the features our tool offers you to help you to improve your writing.

Indicating When a Preposition Was Used Incorrectly

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Suggesting How to Correct Prepositions

The tool will also indicate how to correct prepositions that have been used incorrectly. This not only helps you to improve your writing but also enables you to learn more about the correct use of prepositions.

Checks the Quality of the Whole Sentence

To ensure high-quality writing, our prepositional phrase finder tool will do a thorough check of all your sentences to ensure correct and accurate texts. It will show suggestions that you can use to improve your sentences.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Corrections

Small mistakes can easily be made. If you want to avoid this, our tool will check for any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and how you can correct them.

Additional Plagiarism Checker

When plagiarism occurs in your text, it can negatively affect your writing. To avoid this, our tool has an additional plagiarism checker you can use to scan your work.

Improvement of the Vocabulary of the Content

To ensure you always use the correct words in your text, our tool will help you with suggestions to improve the overall vocabulary.

How to Use the Preposition Finder Tool

This instant preposition checker tool is very easy to use. Simply follow the below steps to check your text:

Step 1: Paste the text you want to check into the section at the top of the page or type directly into the field.
Step 2: Once you press the check button, the tool will automatically check the text, detect issues and suggest improvements.
Step 3:  You make any changes according to the suggestions to your text.

Different Types of Prepositions to Detect Using Instant Preposition Identifier

There are three types of prepositions the prepositional phrase detector can point out. To understand how to use them correctly, you can look at some examples. This will make it easy to understand how the parts of a sentence fit together when it comes to using the different prepositions in a sentence.

Simple Preposition

Simple prepositions are common words that can be used to describe time, location or place. These are words such as “in”, “at”, “for”, “on”, “over” and “under”. 
Examples:– He was sitting by the rock.
– She is running in the gym.
– The kite is above the trees.

Double Preposition

Double prepositions are formed when two simple prepositions are used together. They usually indicate direction. These are words such as “upon”, “into”, “out of” and “onto”.
– The beautiful sound came from within the theatre.
– He never leaves without his backpack.
– The owl sat atop the large tree.

Compound Preposition

Compound prepositions are also often called complex prepositions. These consist of two or more words, such as a simple preposition and another word, to communicate a specific location. These are words such as in the middle of or in front of.
– He stood across from Simon.
– Gary attended the workshop on behalf of his team.
– They were in the middle of the crowd.

Checking Prepositional Phrase with Prepositional Phrase Finder

When you write an article, blog, academic text, letter or email, the chances are, you will use a couple of prepositional phrases. But what exactly are these? A prepositional phrase consists of a group of words, including a preposition, its object and words that modify the object. Usually, a prepositional phrase changes a noun or a verb. These prepositional phrases are called adjectival phrases and adverbial phrases respectively.

At times, it may be difficult to identify the different prepositional phrases in a piece of text. To help you, our adverb phrase finder tool is designed to detect these phrases. It will then check the correctness of these phrases. If it is not accurately structured, the free online preposition finder tool will suggest how to change it to display correctly. This allows you to easily improve your writing. Our adjective finder tool online can help you to detect these phrases.

Adjectival Phrases

These phrases act as adjectives and provide additional detail about nouns.
Examples include:
– The book inside the big bag is hers.
– The extra pillows are in the basket under the bed.
– Tell her the story about the beautiful fairy.

Adverbial Phrases

These phrases act as adverbs and provide additional detail about verbs.
Examples include:
– We will order hamburgers during halftime.
– Put the old books on a high shelf.
– The football team won against all odds.

The Top Rules for Selecting the Right Prepositions

In the English language, there are hundreds of prepositions. Because there are so many, it can be tricky to accurately use the correct ones in your writing. Luckily, there are some rules you can use to help you choose the correct prepositions. Some of these include:

Watch What Follows

Prepositions will always be followed by either a pronoun or a noun. With prepositions, the noun is called the object of the preposition. Example: “The dress was for the girl”.
The preposition “for” is followed by the noun “girl”.

Prepositions Have No Particular Form

Most prepositions are one word only, however, some are two or even three-word phrases. These phrases are known as complex-prepositions. Examples of all the different prepositions include: “before”, “into”, “along with”, “apart from”, “on account of”.

A Verb Will Never Follow

A verb can never be the object of a preposition. Therefore, it will not follow the preposition in a sentence. Example: “He got into the car to drive” instead of “He got into drive the car”.

Don’t Use Them at the End of Sentences

As mentioned, prepositions are usually followed by a noun. Therefore, they are not used at the end of sentences. Example: “The bed is where I put my clothes on”. This sentence’s structure looks incorrect and it sounds clumsy.

How Prepositional Phrase Detector Can Help You Write Better

Whether you’re writing a formal letter or article, or a more casual blog or email, it is important to write accurately to get your message across correctly. With this preposition and part of speech checker tool, you can improve your writing fast and efficiently. Use this English grammar prepositions checker tool to detect prepositions and write better sentences, to get suggestions on better vocabulary use and to improve your grammar and punctuation. Here are a few of the benefits involved in using this tool. 

It Detects Errors

Besides helping you to find the preposition in this sentence, this tool is designed to easily pick up any errors in sentence structures, spelling, grammar and punctuation. It also acts as a part of speech identifier online to help you improve your syntax and to select correct part of speech.

It Suggests Improvements

With this part of sentence checker online tool, you can easily make improvements to your texts as suggested. The tool will show you exactly where errors have been picked up and how you can change words, phrases or sentences to improve it.

It Improves Your Vocabulary

This part of a sentence detector tool will guide you to learn new words you can use in your writing career. It will suggest synonyms you can use for some words which helps you to broaden your vocabulary.

Level up the quality of your writing with an online preposition finder!